Rule Updates for Shipping Payments

Have been on , had to slow down a little. Great place to shop & sell

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As the Listia community grows, we need to continually evolve and improve our rules and policies to protect members and create as safe and enjoyable a marketplace as possible.  Today we’re introducing some more specific guidelines surrounding how shipping payments should be made between buyer and seller when auctions have fixed or flat rate shipping.

The updates can be read in their entirety on our Rules and Listia Assurance pages, but below is a summary:

  1. Shipping payments are now limited to PayPal, Google Wallet, check, money order and cash.
  2. Sellers can specify which of the above methods they support in their listing, but may not add additional payment methods not allowed by Listia, and may not specify “Cash Only” (sellers must accept at least one of the other methods as well).
  3. When sending payment through PayPal, Google Wallet, check or money order, your credits are now protected by Listia Assurance in the event there’s a problem with…

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If you like lettering and calligraphy…look at this…from Bored Panda…pretty cool


I have one Im sure is a Knitter & Im sure many whom Im not sure.

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Knitting is nice and over the top, but I have decided to leave it to my talented knitting sisters.

  Yesterday,   oddlyended Rita asked  me to google Loani Prior if I wanted to see some wild cosies and well, I was blown away, again.  She is the tea cosy Diva, she has lots and lots of knitted over the top creative cosies.

Here are a few of my favorites 

    Isn’t she like the most creative tea cosy artisan ever? 

So with that dose of inspiration, I am wishing you another happy and creative weekend, and don’t forget: we will be leaving on a Road Trip very soon, details coming on Monday, stay tuned okay??

Enjoy Today and 🙂 🙂 🙂 Life is a gift….

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Painted Roses Blanket



I have a crazily long list of crochet things I want to make and this Painted Roses blanket has been on it ever since I spotted a picture while browsing on Pinterest.

The pattern is by super-talented Sandra Cherry Heart and is truly beautiful. I decided to make a toddler-bed sized blanket for when Pip moves out of her cot (poor child will be drowning in blankets I’ve made for her by the time she’s a teenager!) and handily Sandra had included instructions for how many rose squares to make for different size blankets.

Caron Simply Soft yarn was my first choice for the blanket rather than the Stylecraft dk suggested as I wanted it a bit thicker, and the Caron yarn is lovely and soft. The shades I used were
– Lemonade (yellow)
– Strawberry (pink)
– Autumn Red
– Berry Blue
– Duck Egg


The squares themselves aren’t…

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