I have one Im sure is a Knitter & Im sure many whom Im not sure.

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Knitting is nice and over the top, but I have decided to leave it to my talented knitting sisters.

  Yesterday,   oddlyended Rita asked  me to google Loani Prior if I wanted to see some wild cosies and well, I was blown away, again.  She is the tea cosy Diva, she has lots and lots of knitted over the top creative cosies.

Here are a few of my favorites 

    Isn’t she like the most creative tea cosy artisan ever? 

So with that dose of inspiration, I am wishing you another happy and creative weekend, and don’t forget: we will be leaving on a Road Trip very soon, details coming on Monday, stay tuned okay??

Enjoy Today and 🙂 🙂 🙂 Life is a gift….

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