Painted Roses Blanket



I have a crazily long list of crochet things I want to make and this Painted Roses blanket has been on it ever since I spotted a picture while browsing on Pinterest.

The pattern is by super-talented Sandra Cherry Heart and is truly beautiful. I decided to make a toddler-bed sized blanket for when Pip moves out of her cot (poor child will be drowning in blankets I’ve made for her by the time she’s a teenager!) and handily Sandra had included instructions for how many rose squares to make for different size blankets.

Caron Simply Soft yarn was my first choice for the blanket rather than the Stylecraft dk suggested as I wanted it a bit thicker, and the Caron yarn is lovely and soft. The shades I used were
– Lemonade (yellow)
– Strawberry (pink)
– Autumn Red
– Berry Blue
– Duck Egg


The squares themselves aren’t…

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Pinworthy Thursday 10-02-14

Lovely ideas and so colorful, great work. Ty for sharing.

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Anyone else want to just go HOME and take a dang nap??  No? Just me?  Ok, that’s fine.  I don’t get a nap even if I did get to go home right now, I have to go pick up my cutie patootie niece and nephews for the evening.  Which, now that the youngest is old enough to hold his own with the others, is MASS CHAOS OMG! I’m hoping they will be good enough for me that I can work on my next baby blanket.   I started it last night and I think I am already like 24 rows in?  Maybe not quite that many, I’m not sure.  But I just LOVE the colors in it!  Here is a sneak peek- I took this last night, but I’ve worked on it for another hour or so.  I am hoping to have it done tonight or tomorrow night, and then…

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Christmas Elves Pattern

Missed these. Their Adorable.

AmigurumiBB by Che'Che'

Presenting you the Christmas Elves pattern!

Christmas Elves - AmigurmiBB

My intention was to make elf on the shelf but after some research I’ve done I didn’t really like them being mischief elves. I am more of happy and fun kind of person and having elves that might shave my eyebrows during the night are not the kind of elves I would keep around 😀

Furthermore, there really are some wonderful free Elf on the shelf crochet patterns available, and if you are really looking for one of them I am sure you have already started making some of them. If not, check the Raverly or Pinterest and get your free pattern soon.

For those that prefer nice house elves, that will bring you smiles and cheer your holiday season try making one of these little guys. Make them as colorful as possible. These are happy elves and love to be dresses in crazy…

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Pin cushion jar toppers

These are so Cute as they are Pretty, Lit’l Gifts for Easter, Mothers Day ????

The Green Dragonfly

I first came across the nifty idea of pin cushions on top of jars at this lovely Danish site and decided to adapt the same idea for pin cushions on baby food jars… something we have plenty of in our house, being that I’m a jar hoarder and I especially love the tiny perfectness of baby food jars! They are the perfect size for storing your little sewing treasures, so this weekend I made up three for myself and Ive included a tutorial so you can give it a go too…

Crochet Pin cushion jar toppers free patternPin cushion on top of a jar tutorial.

I used 4 ply cotton and a 2.5mm crochet hook, you could make these with a larger yarn and hook, just adjust the size of your circle as necessary. The lids of the jars I used were 5.3cm and 6.0cm across.

Make a magic circle and 6 single crochet (sc) into…

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Now what lady would not want one of These hearts???

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I have noticed all the career or full-time crochet artists have started posting for Valentine’s day.

I think it is a good idea because crochet takes time. The more finishing touches you add to your project the more exquisite and lovely and one of a kind it becomes.

Hearts come in a lot of colors but red seem to be my favorite 🙂 so I have decided to take a stroll and bring you some inspiration.

Most of these projects are small and take very little yarn so make this Heart project a good excuse to use up all your tiny pieces of yarn.

Come along and see if you can make a very unique Heart….



   There are lots of tutorials out there so get your supplies and crochet away…

Have a great day and See You soon….

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Such Tgalentm its an Amazing Purse.

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I am fascinated with these bags made by the women of the Wayuu tribe in south America.

Crochet is a craft that is practiced around the world and I frankly don’t know if I can reach the skills these artisans display,  but I will practice and practice.

They are hand-woven and I have no idea if it is crochet but it looks like Tapestry crochet to me.

Take a look and you can decide for yourself..

Wayuu Taya bagWayuu Taya bagWayuu Bag Mochila Hand Woven Multicolor #271One of a kind designs, I am pleasantly blown away.

They sell them on Amazon and other online stores.

Well, this is all for today, Stay Inspired….

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